A Confession: Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

Photos this week are from my phone--our camera battery charger has disappeared, after being seen last in the hands of my one-year-old son. I took more photos of the baking process, which are now trapped on the camera...

This fortnight’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe was Chocolate Truffle Tartlets, on page 382-383 of Baking With Julia.  This recipe gave me the opportunity–finally– to open and use the box of mini-tart molds that I purchased in the summer of 2003.  Sometimes when I shop for baking items my eyes are bigger than my pantry, so to speak. Here’s a partial list of the other baking pans that I have purchased over the years and not used (yet!):

  • metal mini-brioche pans
  • perforated metal baguette pan
  • ten-inch square stoneware baking dish
  • stoneware ring pan
  • disposable broiche pans
  • disposable panetonne papers
  • mini bundt pan
  • mini muffin pan
  • rectangular tart mold
  • 12.5-inch cake pan (purchased after randomly seeing a Martha Stewart segment about this recipe)
  • quiche pan
  • rectangular tart pan
  • assorted cookie cutters (I have never made roll-out cookies)
  • star-shaped mini pie mold

I hope that participating in TWD will give me the opportunity to use most of these pans, although I’m sure that I’ll acquire a few more along the way!

I like this recipe but wasn’t wowed by the tartlets, though I suspect that this was my fault because I think I baked them too long.  I loved the chocolate crust.  I haven’t had great luck with pie crusts in the past, and the one time that I tried to make a tart–over ten years ago–the crust was hard, brittle, and not very tasty.  I used the food processor to make the crust, and found that I, like many other TWD bakers, needed a little extra water to make it come together (in my case about 1.5 tablespoons).  I chilled the dough overnight before rolling it out, and had no trouble working with it at all.  I had lots of extra dough once my pans were lined, probably enough for another tartlet if I had another pan.  I baked the trimmings at 350℉ for about ten minutes.  They were really tasty, both flaky and crumbly as the recipe promised, and though I had planned to crumble them over ice cream my husband, son and I ate them all up almost immediately.

The filling came together easily.  I’d never beaten egg yolks and sugar to the “ribbon” stage before, and enjoyed that moment of kitchen alchemy.  I had hoped to make my own amaretti or biscotti, but ran out of time, so I used hazelnut butter cookies that I was able to buy individually at Whole Foods. I had enough extra filling to fill two small au gratin dishes, which I baked along with the tartlets.

I had trouble telling when these were done, and probably left them in the oven for around 15 minutes.  In retrospect, I should have taken them out sooner, as the filling seemed a little dry–I think that I was intimidated by the raw-egg factor.  The flavor was excellent, though, and I would make these again.  I would probably make a larger tart, to be able to serve smaller portions, and would either try amaretti or nuts, perhaps toasted pecans, as a mix-in.

12 thoughts on “A Confession: Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

  1. Looks like your tarts turned out great! Sounds like you have a great pan collection; I’m the same way when it comes to tools 🙂 Looking forward to baking with you and the rest of the TWD crew.

  2. You made me laugh with all the pans you hope to use!! We had a lot of the same challenges…this is why this TWD seems so fun to me!! I also had never done a yolk ribbon and was surprised how long it took…and I cooked my tarts about 19 min to be sure the eggs weren’t raw ha ha…they actually turned out fine but seeing other people’s pictures some were oozing…mine was definitely not oozing… more like a brownie.

  3. Mine weren’t oozing either and now that I see the other pictures, I kind of wish that I went for the ooze factor. But I was scared of the raw egg thing too (it was a lot of eggs!) Yours look great! Can’t wait to see what other pans you get to use.

    • It seems like lots of people were worried about the ooze. I wish that the recipe had a temperature, I would have gotten to use my fancy thermapen and would have been less worried about it…

  4. Too funny with the pans! I always make sure I use everything at least once when I bring it home so that I can honestly say I’ve used it if questioned. I am sure you will get to use many of them along this journey 🙂

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